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Fells Point: Red Star Bar & Grill

On a rainy evening, the last thing I felt like doing was cooking, fortunately I had heard some great things about Red Star Bar & Grill in Fells Point. So I trekked over there with my roommate and trusty dining companion to cross another thing off of Rachel’s Baltimore Restaurant List.

I almost regret not waiting until it was nice out to go because it would have been nice to walk around after the meal.

Exterior - Photo Credit Red Star Bar & Grill

Exterior – Photo Credit Red Star Bar & Grill

Inside the restaurant, there is exposed brick and a nice bar area. The restaurant felt very relaxed with the exposed brick and lack of table cloths. It has that old school Baltimore feel to it.

Interior - Photo Credit

Interior – Photo Credit

For our main course, we were both in the mood for sandwiches. I asked the waiter for a recommendation because they usually have a good suggestion based on what other patrons have enjoyed. He lead me in the direction of the Pot Roast French Dip and I’m glad I listened to him. Often times a French Dip can be a little salty and I end up regretting ordering it, but this one was great. It was slow braised beef on toasted torpedo roll with horseradish sauce, aged Gruyere and Au Jus.

Pot Roast French Dip

Pot Roast French Dip

The sandwich was served with a side of their Garlic Herb Fries with Garlic Aioli. They were flavorful and amazing, I’d go back just for the fries.

Garlic Herb Fries

Garlic Herb Fries

My roommate decided to try one of the more basic options on the menu – the Buffalo Chicken Wrap. She said it was one of the better ones she has ever had, but nothing in particular stood out about this dish. It was your typical bar food, buffalo chicken wrap.

Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Buffalo Chicken Wrap

For her side, she decided to mix it up and try the Chili Dusted Tater Tots. And she was glad she did. At first a little worried that the dish would be too spicy, it was actually dusted perfectly with the spices not overpowering the tot. It came with a side of jalapeño aioli which she didn’t love but I found to be delicious.

Chili Dusted Tater Tots

Chili Dusted Tater Tots

My only complaint with the restaurant was that the service was very slow and the bar area was a little loud because of happy hour. Overall it was a wonderful meal and I can’t wait to go back and try some more of their options.

Red Star Bar & Grill  is located at 906 S. Wolfe St. in Fells Point.

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  1. Cockey’s Tavern – 1901 Gough Street, Baltimore, MD 21231. Very clean, good cocktails, very good food, French Dip is yummy, good happy hour prices. Bright and friendly atmosphere.


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