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Food Truck: Greek On The Street

Traveling around Baltimore, there are many different food trucks that you will see. Some are worth visiting and tracking down, while others are not. Fortunately Greek On The Street is one of those food trucks you cannot miss. I’m not really a fan of Greek Food because I don’t love fish, but I was with a friend and she kept raving about gyros and insisted that I try one.

Greek On The Street

Greek On The Street

When it came time to order, I ordered a Lamb Gyro after my friend raved about how good gyros are. This gyro was lamb meat, lettuce and tzatziki sauce stuffed in a pita. The lamb meat was juicy and tender and everything tasted wonderful.

Lamb Gyro

Lamb Gyro

I also ordered the Greek Fries to share with my friend. They’re standard fries topped with crumbled feta cheese. These were really good, but it would have been better if the cheese melted a little so it didn’t fall off the fries.


Greek Fries

Overall, I enjoyed my brief introduction into Greek Food and if I spot Greek On The Street again I would stop without a second thought.

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