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In April, the City Paper put together a ‘Pizza Bracket‘ to rank the city’s best pizza joints. There were a lot of places in the bracket that I’ve been/want to try, but from the comments I noticed Johnny Rad’s wasn’t on the list and a lot of people seemed upset by that so I made a note to try it in the near future. The other night my roommate and I were craving pizza and not in the mood for any of our usual suspects. We already needed to head to Canton to visit Target, so we decided to finally try Johnny Rad’s. Upon approaching the building, I noticed a mural by one of my favorite street artists, Michael Owen (the artist behind the Baltimore Love Project.)

Johnny Rad's

Johnny Rad’s

As we entered Johnny Rad’s, we were met with tons of skateboarding decor and some skeeball machines along the back. My roommate and I decided we wanted to share a pie so we decided to order two appetizers. The first thing we ordered was the Shred Stix. They were garlic-ranch cheesy bread sticks with a side of pizza sauce for dipping. These were out of this world amazing. Full of flavor and the crust was awesome, thin, but not too thin where I felt like I was eating a cracker. This really excited us for the pizza which we had heard great things about.

Shred Stix

Shred Stix

We also split an order of the fries because my roommate has a thing for pizza and fries. The fries were great, and came with a delicious chipotle mayo dipping sauce. However the portion was huge and we were unable to finish the order.

French Fries

French Fries

But the real reason we went to Johnny Rad’s was for the pizza. We shared the Primo which was your traditional pie with tomato, fresh mozzarella, olive oil, basil and sea salt. While the crust was delicious, and the toppings were packed with flavor, everything kind of just slid off when you picked up a slice so it was a little of a disappointment, presumably from all of the oil on the pie. However once you reconstructed your slice it was still very good pizza. Would I order this one again? No because of all of the oil, but I would definitely return and try another one of their pizzas.



We finished our meal happy we found this place and looking forward to returning for the Shred Stix alone. It’s also worth nothing that Johnny Rad’s has plenty of vegan options on the menu if that interests you.

Johnny Rad’s is located at 2108 Eastern Ave.Canton, MD.

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