Food Truck: Upslidedown Dave’s

Something I love about summertime is the weekly food truck gatherings that take place. Roughly once a week (weather permitting) there is a venue with about ten or more food trucks willing to serve some of their finest food truck creations. Recently I was at a food truck gathering and I spotted a truck I hadn’t seen before UpSlideDown Dave’s. The truck specializes in sliders and I knew this was the truck I wanted to try.

Upslidedown Dave's
Upslidedown Dave’s

After briefly looking over the menu, I decided to try two sliders for $10.


I’m a sucker for hot sauce and the buffalo chicken slider sounded right up my alley. The chicken had the right about of spice but wasn’t overpowering with the blue cheese slaw. This slider was loaded with buffalo chicken goodness and was really delicious. I preferred the pulled chicken over the typical fried chicken you get in a buffalo chicken sandwich and I can’t wait to find this truck again and order another buffalo chicken slider.

Buffalo Chicken Slider
Buffalo Chicken Slider

My other slider I ordered was the Bacon Blue Cheese Slider. This was ground beef, tomato, crushed potato chips, bacon marmalade and blue cheese slaw. It was also delicious. Honestly next time I’m at UpSlideDown Dave’s it’s going to be hard to decide if I should order the same two sliders that I already loved, or try new ones that are probably also delicious.

Bacon Blue Cheese Slider
Bacon Blue Cheese Slider

These were hands down two of the best sliders I’ve ever had and I will be stalking UpSlideDown Dave’s on Facebook and Twitter to try some more delicious sliders again soon.

UpSlideDown Dave’s can be found by following them on Facebook because that’s where they share their daily locations.

Know of any other Food Trucks in Baltimore I need to track down and try? Let me know in the comments below!

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