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Federal Hill: Abbey Burger Bistro

I believe that there are two types of burgers. There’s the meat patty on a bun with a piece of lettuce and a tomato, or there’s the meat that’s well cooked with clever toppings that reminds you how delicious a burger actually can be. The burgers at the Abbey Burger Bistro in Fed Hill are the latter.

After a day of walking around the harbor, my friends and I were hungry for dinner and in the mood for burgers. The Abbey Burger Bistro has won a few different awards, Business Insider even listed Abbey Burger as the best burger in Maryland. So obviously that was where we were headed, it was only a ten minute walk from the inner harbor.

Abbey Burger Bistro

Abbey Burger Bistro

We arrived at  Abbey Burger around 5pm on a Saturday and were lucky enough to not have to wait for a table. We sat down and immediately ordered the Waffle Fry Nachos. They’re waffle fries topped with chili, black beans, avocado, jalapenos, tomato’s with Monterey jack cheese and a spicy crème fraiche. This was awesome, but definitely something to eat with a fork, the chili made the waffle fries a little soggy but this was still an awesome dish.

Waffle Fry Nachos

Waffle Fry Nachos

One of my friends I was with doesn’t eat burgers so she ordered Big Al’s Chili.  Every time we’re here she orders this and she must really love it to eat it on a hot summer day. The chili contains ground beef, beans and isn’t spicy. It’s a really great chili, one of the best either of us have ever had.

Big Al's Chili

Big Al’s Chili

But, the real thing that the Abbey Burger Bistro is known for is their burgers. Their burgers really do have the potential to make your wildest dream come true. When you’re seated, you get a build-a-burger-checklist and you check off which items you want on your dream burger.

Burger Checklist

Burger Checklist

I checked off bison (same great taste as red meat, but significant healthier.) I like my meat cooked medium-rare and Abbey Burger does a great job with that. I also got American cheese, avocado, sautéed onions, chipotle mayo and pickles. The burgers here are awesome and not only because it’s topped with all of my favorites, but it’s just a delicious piece of meat. I came here with my mom a few months back and she even agreed that this was the best burger she ever ate.

Bison Burger

Bison Burger

I ordered a side of tater tots with my burger and they were good, nothing too exciting.

Tater Tots

Tater Tots

My other friends that I ate with each created their own burger as well and really enjoyed what they ordered.

For the burger that satisfies your wildest dreams, and is also commonly referred to as the best burger in Baltimore, check out the Abbey Burger Bistro in Fed Hill.

the Abbey Burger Bistro  is located at 1041 Marshall St. in Fed Hill

Know of any other American Restaurants or bar food in Fed Hill or the surrounding areas that I need to try? Let me know in the comments below!

Some of my other favorite burgers nearby include, The Owl Bar, and The Nickel Taphouse.

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