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Canton: Jack’s Bistro

I have gotten plenty of recommendations to check out Jack’s Bistro in Canton. For dinner a group of my friends and I were looking for a spot and I suggested we give it a try.

The menu has a few eclectic options and can be described as American food with Mediterranean influences. Most of the menu items aren’t things you will find elsewhere which is what makes Jack’s Bistro so unique.

Jack's Bistro

Jack’s Bistro

Of all of their menu items, the Mac & Cheese & Chocolate came highly recommended so most of our party ordered that as a starter. It was shell pasta, smoked cheese sauce and Columbian dark chocolate. This was not what I expected in terms of flavor. It is definitely worth trying, but I was expecting the flavors to be a little bolder and I found the cheese flavor to be restrained.

Mac & Cheese & Chocolate

Mac & Cheese & Chocolate

One of my friends opted to try the Spicy Shrimp Hummus. It was served with warm pita and the pita was delicious. The hummus wasn’t bad either, however the shrimp was cold and would have tasted better if it was warm.

Spicy Shrimp Hummus

Spicy Shrimp Hummus

For our main courses one of my friends opted for the Malaysian Laksa. It was sweet, pungent, spicy coconut milk laksa curry, egg, roasted chicken, gulf shrimp, pickled vegetables, cilantro, and crunchy garlic. This portion was huge and easily enough to have leftovers for another meal. My friend really enjoyed the flavor of the broth and how all the ingredients came together nicely including the nice crunch from the garlic.

Malaysian Laksa

Malaysian Laksa

Another one of my friends ordered the Steak Frites. It was Teres Major Steak cooked to medium rare (which is the only way they would prepare this dish) and served with French fries, white truffle oil, black truffle, herb butter. The french fries were awesome and the steak was great too, however my friend prefers her steak cooked medium and would have wished it was possible.

Steak Frites

Steak Frites

For my main course, I went with the Guinness Braised Filet Mignon. It had a demi glace, grilled French green beans, smoked gouda, jalapeno, bacon grits. The meat was very flavorful and tender and those grits were out of this world. They were creamy and smoky and I cannot sing their praises enough.

Guinness Braised Filet Mignon

Guinness Braised Filet Mignon

For dessert, we each ordered the Fried S’more which also came highly recommended. It was graham cracker encrusted chocolate, marshmallow cookie with dark chocolate sauce, chocolate ice cream. We all really liked this dessert a lot and thought it was a fun take on the traditional S’mores.

Fried S’more

Fried S’more

For clever options and menu items you wouldn’t traditionally find elsewhere, Jack’s Bistro in Canton has at least a few different things that are sure to excite your taste buds.

Jack’s Bistro is located at 3123 Elliott St. in Canton.

Know of any other date night spots or restaurants in Canton I need to try? Let me know in the comments below!

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