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Federal Hill: Thai Arroy

For Thai Food in Federal Hill, if you ask anyone they will suggest Thai Arroy and this place has been on my todo list for a while. I finally convinced my roommate (and the pickiest eater that I know) to try Thai Food for dinner and we headed over.

Thai Arroy

Thai Arroy

We started our meal with the Crispy Rolls. They were spring rolls with chicken, cabbage, carrots, bean threads and served with sweet chili sauce. These were delicious and the sauce was outstanding. The crispy rolls were fried however they weren’t too greasy and the sweet chili sauce was amazing. The sweetness and spice balanced well.

Crispy Rolls

Crispy Rolls

My friend ordered the Thai Sweet and Sour. It came with pineapple, baby corn, tomatoes, onions, scallions, carrots and snow peas in lights spicy gravy sauce. She wasn’t expecting a tomato-based sauce for the dish so that kind of threw her off, but she said it was packed with flavor and the chicken was deliciously tender.

Thai Sweet and Sour

Thai Sweet and Sour

Everything on the menu looked delicious and I wasn’t sure what to order. Based on FourSquare tips, I decided to go with the Chicken Kee Mao which were essentially drunken noodles. The dish was flat rice noodles with fresh chili, collard greens, tomatoes, egg, and fresh basil leaves. The portion was large but that didn’t stop me from finishing it because it was so wonderful. Additionally the dish wasn’t particularly spicy but the heat built up as I ate the dish and it was wonderful.

Chicken Kee Mao

Chicken Kee Mao

If you’re looking for a great Thai spot in Federal Hill, consider checking out Thai Arroy.

Thai Arroy is on OrderUP, use my referral code for $5 off your first order.

Thai Arroy is located at 1019 Light St, in Federal Hill.

Know of any other restaurants serving up delicious Thai Food in Federal Hill or nearby that I need to try? Let me know in the comments below!

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Some other spots I’ve enjoyed nearby are Matsuri, Soyombo and XS.

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