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Mount Vernon: Dooby’s

I was meeting a friend for dinner, and Mount Vernon was common ground. I remembered reading in The City Paper about dinner at Dooby’s. Previously, I had dined at Dooby’s for lunch and loved it so I suggested the spot to my friend and we headed over to Dooby’s for dinner. The cuisine at Dooby’s can best be described as ‘fusion,’ it’s a mix between Korean items and American food.



Based on what I read of the review, I knew it was best to order the Quinoa Bibim Hot Stone Bowl. The bowl was filled with quinoa, sauteed and pickled vegetables, marinated tofu, Korean BBQ steak and topped with a fried egg. It also came with a side of gochujjang (Korean chili paste) which was spicy and delicious. This bowl was different than what I would normally order, but it was still delicious. It was comforting and nice to see quinoa in a dish that wasn’t geared towards people who are diehard into clean eating.

Quinoa Bibim Hot Stone Bowl

Quinoa Bibim Hot Stone Bowl

I really can’t wait to go back to Dooby’s and try the ramen that everyone raves about!

Dooby’s is located at 802 N Charles St., in Mount Vernon.

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