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Federal Hill: Baba’s Mediterranean Kitchen

I live a short walk away from Baba’s Mediterranean Kitchen and I pass it regularly, however I had never really given the Fed Hill spot much of a thought.

A friend and I were grabbing dinner and he told me he had heard great things about Baba’s so we headed over. The space is fairly small and was packed at 6:30 on a Thursday evening. Note to self, arrive early or you’ll have to wait. Fortunately we snagged two seats at the bar and prepared for hands down, the best Mediterranean Food in Fed Hill and their hummus is fantastic.

Baba's Mediterranean Kitchen

Baba’s Mediterranean Kitchen

My friend and I decided to start our meal with the Spanakopita. Growing up with a Greek Grandmother, I have fond memories of this dish and I’ve got to say, Baba’s does a great job. The dish comes with five mini Spanakopitas, or ‘spinach pies.’ The dough is flaky and delicious and then stuffed with spinach and feta cheese and proportioned nicely so neither component overpowers.



For my meal, I ordered the Rosemary Beef Pita Pocket. The beef was perfectly cooked to medium rare, tender and packed with flavor. The platter also came with a nice serving of hummus. Hands down, this was the best hummus I have ever had. It was creamy, garlicky and delicious. I would eat this hummus every day, it’s that good. It’s easily the best hummus in Baltimore and I will be bringing some home to my family in New York next time I am headed that way.

Rosemary Beef Pita Pocket

Rosemary Beef Pita Pocket

If you’re looking for some awesome hummus, or other Mediterranean food, Baba’s Mediterranean Kitchen really delivers.

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Baba’s Mediterranean Kitchen is located at 745 E Fort Ave, in Fed Hill.

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