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Federal Hill: Tuscan Fresh

Update: Tuscan Fresh is now closed.

In Federal Hill, a new fast-casual eatery opened up called Tuscan FreshTuscan Fresh is owned by the genius behind Nalley Fresh (a fast casual lunch spot which is known for building your own salads.) When Tuscan Fresh opened, I couldn’t wait to try it. For dinner, a friend and I were looking to try something quick so we walked over.

Tuscan Fresh

Tuscan Fresh

When we walked in, there were a variety of pastas and mix-ins that you can combine to your liking to create a unique dish.

Some of the mix-ins include proteins such as chicken, tofu, shrimp and other fish, vegetables, spices and more. After you pick a pasta and your mix-ins your dish is cooked to perfection and brought to your table. While you’re sitting at your table waiting for your pasta, you are brought fresh bread. The bread was warm and great to satisfy you while you wait for your pasta.

Fresh Bread

Fresh Bread

My friend ordered something basic and got pasta with marinara sauce, mushrooms and a little bit of cheese. All of the ingredients are incredibly fresh and my friend loved her pasta dish.

Create Your Own Pasta

Create Your Own Pasta

I decided to go with something a little more creative and my dish contained pasta, mushrooms, chicken, zucchini, mozzarella cheese, red pepper flakes, shallots, pesto, marinara sauce, and white cream sauce. My dish was bursting with flavor and I was incredibly happy with my decisions.

Create Your Own Pasta

Create Your Own Pasta

Tuscan Fresh is on OrderUP, use my referral code for $5 off your first order.

One of my favorite things about Tuscan Fresh is that each time you are there, your dish will be specifically catered to your cravings at that moment.

Tuscan Fresh is located at 545 East Fort Avenue, in Federal Hill.

Know of any other Italian spots in Federal Hill or the surrounding areas I need to try? Let me know in the comments below!

Some other restaurants I enjoy nearby are Di Pasquales, Bottega, and Sammy’s Trattoria.

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