Harbor East: Brusco

The Harbor East food scene is popping up with a new place every time I blink. Cava Mezze does an awesome brunch, and has a great little sandwich shop next door called BruscoBrusco is a cute little luncheonette with only twelve seats, which sounds small, but most of the people I see visiting Brusco are grabbing their sandwich to go anyway. After going to Brusco twice in a week, and one day the following week, I knew I couldn’t keep this place to myself. I called a friend and convinced her to meet me for lunch to try ‘really awesome reasonably priced Greek food.’


The menu is constantly changing (which is awesome.) In theory, you could visit every day and not try all of their offerings because the menu is changing so frequently.

Brusco Menu
Brusco Menu

After looking over the menu, we both decided to order the Yee-Ro (Not Gyro). The sandwich had warm pita, stuffed with gyro meat, tzatziki, french fries, lettuce, and tomato. Even better, this sandwich came with a side of fries as well. Everything about this sandwich was absolutely wonderful, gyro meat tends to be a little dry but this wasn’t at all. And when I thought the yee-ro was a little light on tzatziki sauce, I ordered a little bit more without a problem.

Yee-Ro (Not Gyro)
Yee-Ro (Not Gyro)

Everything at Brusco is $10 and under and comes with fries, the sandwiches are delicious and filling making this a great deal for lunch and an awesome spot to keep in mind for lunches. Unfortunately, they are not open for dinner so I’ll have to get my Brusco fix daily before 5pm.

Brusco is on OrderUP, follow the link for $5 off your first order!

Brusco is located at 1302 Fleet St, in Harbor East.

Know of any other sandwich in Harbor East I need to try? Let me know in the comments below!

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Some other spots that have great sandwiches are Ravage Deli, Rosina Gourmet, and Attman’s Deli.

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