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Catonsville: Chef Paolino Cafe

For a while I worked in Catonsville, frequently for lunch a coworker and I would head over to Chef Paolino Café for what is arguably the best Caesar salad I’ve ever had. Fast forward a year later and I’m hiking with a friend and we are discussing where we should go for dinner after the hike. We wanted something on the lighter side, and while Caesar salad isn’t the ‘healthy’ salad, it’s significantly better than some of the other things we could be eating.

Chef Paolino Cafe

Chef Paolino Cafe

It had been about a year since I last visited Chef P’s, but the Caesar salad was as good as I remembered it. The dressing was incredibly creamy and the salad was well dressed. Caesar salad in general is nothing particularly special, but if you have the craving for one, this one is dressed very well.

Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad

To accompany our salads, we ordered a side of Garlic Knots, the knots were the perfect. They were garlicky and greasy, just how garlic knots should be. But they weren’t too greasy where the thought of touching them disgusted us.

Garlic Knots

Garlic Knots

If you’re out in Catonsville and craving some quick delicious Italian foodChef Paolino Café has plenty of great options. On previous visits, I’ve tried their pizza and pastas and loved them both!

Chef Paolino Café is located at 726 Frederick Rd, in Catonsville

Know of any other Italian Restaurants or places I need to try in Catonsville or the surrounding areas? Let me know in the comments below!

Some other Italian Restaurants I’ve tried and love are: Pasticcio, Sammy’s Trattoria, and Bottega.

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