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Hampden: Souvlaki

I’m not going to lie – I was slightly disappointed by the lack of cheese in the Spanakopita at Hickory Ridge Grill. I was definitely craving a better rendition of the dish. My roommate and I were in Hampden and we were both hungry in the middle of the afternoon and looking for something small to eat. She is always down for some hummus. So I suggested trying Souvlaki, it’s fast-casual and would be perfect for a midday snack.



The second we walked in, we both already knew what we wanted. My roommate placed an order for Hummus which was a rather large portion of dip and very few pieces of warm pita. The hummus was very good and creamy, but when she asked for more pita, there was an upcharge. She normally has no problem paying for something a little extra, but 8 pita wedges and two huge scoops of hummus is more than a little disproportionate.



I ordered the Spanakopita which was delicious. It had a nice thickness to it and a nice amount of feta cheese. This is probably one of the best renditions of the dish that I have had and I can’t wait to go back for another piece of this spinach pie – and perhaps some of their other great looking menu items.



If you’re in the mood for Greek Food in HampdenSouvlaki has some pretty authentic treats that are sure to delight your senses.

Souvlaki is located at 1103 W 36th St, in Hampden

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