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Belvedere Square: Tooloulou

Unfortunately, Tooloulou is now closed.

Belvedere Square is one of my favorite places to stop for lunch. The market is always bustling with patrons at the many vendors and there are so many options! On this particular day the sandwiches at Tooloulou were exactly what I was craving.



While all of the pizza’s looked wonderful, my friend and I were both drawn to the sandwiches. She ordered the Steak Sandwich, which I have to admit, looked much better than mine. The steak was topped with fresh arugula, caramelized shallots, and goat cheese spread then served on French bread. These are basically all of my favorite things on a sandwich and we both loved it.

Steak Sandwich

Steak Sandwich

Because Tooloulou specializes in Cajun fare, I ordered the Roast Beef Po’boy “dressed proper” which means it came with lettuce, tomato, spicy Cajun pickles and Tabasco remoulade. As you can tell from the picture, this sandwich was incredibly messy, but it was also super delicious and spicy.

Roast Beef Po'boy

Roast Beef Po’boy

Of course, no sandwich is complete without a side of Fries. In true Baltimore fashion, the fries came sprinkled with Old Bay.



If you’re looking for some great Cajun fare in Belvedere Square, look no further than Tooloulou.

Tooloulou is located at 529 E Belvedere Ave in Belvedere Square.

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