Startup: Locals Grow Smart

Locals Grow Smart is a new startup out of DC looking to solve the Inadequate local food access and premium pricing problem.
I spoke with Harrison about a month ago and the Locals team is aiming to make local food access easy, sustainable, and year round.
You can read more about the team and their mission below!
Locals Grow Smart

Locals Grow Smart

We are on a mission to solve the issues of the broken food system and make it easier and more
affordable to get your hands on the highest quality and freshest produce, ALL year-round.We are a vertical aquaponics farm using the latest technology to create an ecosystem that cuts costs, reduces our carbon footprint, and increases our yields. Imagine getting fresh produce in the dead of winter from a farm less than 2 hours away! Well, imagine no more. We are launching our Founding Customers Phase to give you the opportunity to get in on the future of agriculture and get your hands on some of the best produce you will ever eat.What is a Founding Customer?

For one time only we are accepting 300 founding customers to join the Locals food movement and be the first to try our organic produce. Our founding customers will get eight organic items grown by Locals once the operation is launched this upcoming summer. They will also have a chance to win a seat at our Locals first harvest dinner. Some other perks include behind the scene tours of our new farm along with the first look inside Locals. These customers will be the foundation of an ever growing movement to reclaim our food system.

We at Locals grow for the city, in the city, by real people with a passion for farming with Integrity.


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