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Little Italy: La Scala

To be honest, in the 8 years that I’ve been living in Baltimore I’ve never had dinner in Little Italy. I’ve had plenty of Italian meals, but they’ve been from other parts of the city. In an effort to check out someplace new, a friend and I did a Foursquare search for the best place for dinner in the area and La Scala came up. The menu was full of classic Italian fare and looked great.

La Scala

La Scala

I have very strong loving feelings for polenta so when I saw Polenta alla Griglia on the menu, we decided to order it. The dish came with three baked polenta cakes topped with pancetta and porcini mushrooms in a cognac and porcini sauce. I wasn’t in love with the texture of the polenta, I prefer it to be either creamier or fried, but the sauce was wonderful and would probably taste great on pasta.

Polenta alla Griglia

Polenta alla Griglia

My friend ordered the Pollo Abbruzzese which was boneless chicken breast sautéed with sun dried tomato, basil, and in a white wine sauce. My friend enjoyed this dish, but it wasn’t anything spectacular.

Pollo Abbruzzese

Pollo Abbruzzese

I had a pasta craving, we were in Little Italy! So I ordered the Fettuccine Verdi alla Bolognese which was ground beef, in a creamy sauce over spinach fettuccine. The pasta was fresh and the sauce was creamy, it really satisfied my pasta craving!

Fettuccine Verdi alla Bolognese

Fettuccine Verdi alla Bolognese

If you’re looking for straightforward classic Italian fare (and an indoor bocce ball court), La Scala has something for you!

La Scala is located at 1012 Eastern Avenue, in Little Italy.

Know of any other Italian restaurants in Little Italy or the surrounding areas I need to try? Let me know in the comments below!

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