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Gaithersburg: Copper Canyon Grill

In November, I raved about the Thanksgiving options offered at Copper Canyon Grill – they were phenomenal. So when they invited me back earlier this summer to try some of the other options they offer, I was beyond excited.

The Gaithersburg location is located in a pretty great shopping center. You can walk around, shop, or catch a movie after your meal and it becomes a wonderful way to spend an evening.

Copper Canyon Grill

Copper Canyon Grill

My friend and I opted to sit outside which was a great choice. If the weather permits, I recommend that you do the same.

The menu, isn’t the best. It’s full of plenty of great items, but the descriptions can be slightly lacking. We started with the Iron Skillet Cornbread, which was wonderful, but had jalapeno baked into it. I love jalapeno and so does my friend, but not everyone would be thrilled with the surprise. The dish was served in a cast iron skillet and a great way to start our meal.

Iron Skillet Cornbread

Iron Skillet Cornbread

We also started with the Fiesta Eggrolls thanks to a recommendation from our server. These were cheesy and served with a delicious slightly spicy campfire sauce. This was probably my favorite thing that we ordered and I would drive back to Gaithersburg for another order of these.

Fiesta Eggrolls

Fiesta Eggrolls

The special the evening I visited was a Hanger Steak, which my friend ordered. It was marinated in a cabarnet sauce, topped with tomato relish and accompanied with green beans and mashed potatoes. The meat was cooked well; it was tender and the cabarnet sauce was a delicious accompaniment.

Hanger Steak

Hanger Steak

I ordered the Famous French Dip Sandwich, which to my liking, was served rare. The meat was on a French baguette topped with creamy horseradish sauce and served with a side of au jus. This no frills sandwich was just what I was in the mood for. The sandwich was also a little on the large side, so it worked perfectly for lunch the next day.

Famous French Dip Sandwich

Famous French Dip Sandwich

For dessert, my friend and I shared the Chocolate Uprising. While it sounded great; two brownies sandwiching a scoop of vanilla ice cream, topped with whipped cream and fudge, the brownies tasted like chocolate cake, which I’m not a huge fan of. I probably would have been better off ordering a different dessert.

Chocolate Uprising

Chocolate Uprising

Next time I’m in Gaithersburg, I will definitely be heading back to Copper Canyon Grill for more of those delicious egg rolls.

Copper Canyon Grill is located at 100 Boardwalk Pl, Gaithersburg.

Know of any other restaurants in Montgomery County I need to try? Let me know in the comments below!

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The views are my own but my meal was paid for by the staff at Blue Ridge Restaurant Group. 


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