Downtown: Baltimore Farmers Market

One of my absolute favorite things to do in Baltimore is go to the JFX Farmers Market on Sunday mornings. But, the market is seasonal and only open until noon. Last week, JORD Wood Watches sent me a beautiful wooden women’s watch which was really handy for keeping track of my time on Sunday morning.

I’m not always the earliest riser on the weekends, so it’s nice to have a trusty timepiece to keep me in check. I wouldn’t want run short on time and miss out on fresh produce!

Farmers Market Finds + JORD Watch
Farmers Market Finds + JORD Watch

There are plenty of awesome breakfast options at the farmers market, and I always need to do a complete lap before I settle on anything to eat. I just want a chance to look at everything before I make any final decisions.

On this particular trip, I went with one of my favorites, Dooby’s. They also have a location on Charles St. in Mount Vernon that I visit fairly often. I ordered the Bacon Egg and Cheese Sandwich and it was exactly what my breakfast dreams have been made of. This sandwich is delicious – and definitely messy, make sure you grab plenty of napkins before your one way trip to nom-city.

Bacon Egg and Cheese Sandwich
Bacon Egg and Cheese Sandwich

I also, of course needed coffee because that’s what fuels me every day. While there are plenty of excellent spots at the Farmers Market (I’m looking at you, Zeke’s),  I went with Dooby’s coffee out of convenience.

Dooby's coffee
Dooby’s coffee

My wood watch really helped me keep track of time because I was not at the market as early as I would have liked, I like to arrive by 10:30 at the latest; around 11:50 some of the vendors start packing up and I wanted to make sure I had some great fresh produce for the upcoming week. I have a cauliflower recipe in mind that I’ve been wanting to try (recipe hopefully coming soon!)

As I was walking around the produce vendors my, friend spotted her favorite vendor, Migues Mini Donuts and grabbed herself a box. These mini donuts are fantastic, and probably one of the best market decisions you can make. Despite being fried, they’re surprisingly light. Also, they’re served piping hot and you get to pick your toppings. There’s a plethora of sweet goodies to top these confectionary treats.

Migues Mini Donuts
Migues Mini Donuts

If you have any questions about my JORD Watch, check out some of their beautiful timepieces on their site. They make men and women’s wood watches that are perfect for any occasion.

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