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Remington: BRD

If you haven’t heard of R. House in Remington yet, well you must live under a rock. This spot opened at the end of 2016 to much hubris. There are nine permanent stalls and a spot for a rotating popup. Eventually, I will work my way through all of these stalls on the blog, but I’m going to start with BRD. When my best friend and I ate there, she took a bite, starred lovingly at her sandwich and then proclaimed “I want this to be my last meal.”

BRD via Instagram

BRD via Instagram

On my first visit, I tried the Bmore BRD. This sandwich (like all of theirs) is two massive fried chicken breasts on a potato roll. The Bmore BRD also is smothered with a delicious mayo based sauce and crisp pickles. The sandwich was a little bit intimidating at first – how do I approach this massive thing?! But one bite and I threw caution to the wind because it was so fantastic, I didn’t care about the mess. That’s what napkins are for.

Bmore BRD

Bmore BRD

When I went back to R. House, I ordered the same sandwich from BRD and it was just as good as I remembered. Do you see that BRD sauce being all seductive? Yum!

Bmore BRD

Bmore BRD

BRD is located at 301 W 29th StRemington.

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