Upper Fells: Canela

Last spring Canela, a Mediterranean inspired cafe opened up in Upper Fells and I’m not sure what took me so long to head in. The space is cosy, albeit  a little unfinished – but that’s part of the charm, right?

A friend and I were wandering around Upper Fells on one of those many warm days we have had recently and decided to grab a bite. And I’m sure glad that we did because I may have had one of the best sandwiches of my life.



After browsing the menu and speaking with one of the owners, KC, I opted to order the Zaatar. I love goat cheese, and the creamy texture played perfectly with the spiced pan fried eggplant, and hard boiled egg. This sandwich was fantastic, I cannot praise it enough.



My friend was in the mood for chicken and opted to order The Mavias. Chicken breast and roasted red peppers are always a winning combination and this sandwich was no exception. The team at Canela really knows what they’re doing in the sandwich department.

The Mavias

The Mavias

Recently, I’ve had a renewed love for hummus. (You can check out my recipe for avocado hummus here.) When KC mentioned he was from Israel, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that this would be some of the best hummus I’ve had in America. So, of course we ordered it. Let me tell you, it was fantastic. Creamy, lemony, slightly spicy, and bright. We were upset when we ran out of pita to dip – the hummus was that good.



Canela is located at 1801 E Lombard StUpper Fells

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While this meal was paid for by Canela, all views stated here are my own.


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