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Remington: White Envelope Arepa Bar

Next up on the R. House chronicles is White Envelope Arepa Bar. I was thrilled when the news came out that an arepa bar was joining the line up at R. House. If you’re unfamiliar, an arepa is a type of bread Made of white cornmeal, water and salt, the dough is formed into a patty, grilled, baked, split open and stuffed with a variety of ingredients like a sandwich. If you’re into these Venezuelan sandwiches, White Envelope is one of two places in Baltimore where you can get one. The other spot is Alma Cocina Latina. If anyone knows of some more places to get an arepa nearby – please let me know.

White Envelope Arepa Bar via Gluten Free and Dairy Free Blog

White Envelope Arepa Bar via Gluten Free and Dairy Free Blog

On my first trip, the Asada Negro really jumped out at me. I love short rib, and the beef cooked in burnt caramel sauce was delicious. It was sweet, the meat was tender and the spiced plantain puree added a nice subtle spice. It’s safe to say this arepa cemented my love for this Venezuelan delicacy.

Asada Negro

Asada Negro

On my next visit, I ordered La Reina Pepiada. This arepa has some interesting history, it’s Caracas’ most famous arepa, created to honor Susana Duijm, first Venezuelan to win the Miss World pageant in 1955. It was delicious, the beet dough was stuffed with roasted chicken thigh, avocado mayo, and crowned with crunchy sweet peas. Unsurprisingly, this was another winner from the White Envelope Kitchen. I’m looking forward to trying some more arepas from their menu.

La Reina Pepiada

La Reina Pepiada

White Envelope Arepa Bar is located at 301 W 29th StRemington.

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