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Owings Mills: Eggspectation

If you’re like me, then all day breakfast sounds like a great idea. Eggs are the perfect food and they can be prepped so many different ways – what’s not to love? So when Eggspectation in Owings Mills invited me in to try their food I was over the moon. Eggs at night, how could I turn that down? Well believe it or not, their menu has so much more than just eggs so when it came to ordering, I strayed from the benedict I spent all day thinking about and ordered something else. The whole menu looked so appealing to me!



When I was browsing the cocktail menu, all of the drinks were very fruity which I find to be very appealing in the summer. There’s something just inherently relaxing about a fruity cocktail in the warm weather. I opted to order the Strawberry Fizz which reminded me a lot of a crush – minus the lack of crushed ice. The drink was strawberry rum, lemonade, some lemon-lime soda, and muddled strawberry. It was super sweet but perfect for summertime.


Strawberry Fizz

I started my meal with the Piri Piri Chicken Wings, they had a nice crunchy exterior and a juicy interior – just how I like my wings. I also love a good piri piri sauce, it’s a lovely mix of African and Portuguese flavors and a subtle bit of heat. I wish this type of rub was more common on menus.


Piri Piri Wings


Piri Piri Wings

I also opted to order The BBQ Burger. It was topped with two onion rings, and who can say no to that? The burger also came with BBQ sauce, crispy bacon, and cheddar cheese. The flavors are a tried and true favorite and Eggspectaion executed this winning combo perfectly. The burger was loaded with BBQ sauce and I’m a sauce fanatic!


BBQ Burger

Eggspectation is located at 10209 Grand Central Ave #126Owings Mills

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While this meal was paid for by Eggspectation, all views stated here are my own.

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