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Bethany Beach, DE: Beach Snacks

When you’re lounging around on the beach this summer in Bethany Beach, there are plenty of great places to grab a snack. While it seems like there are endless opportunities on the boardwalk, here are some of my favorites after a day in the sun.


Bethany Beach

No trip to the beach is complete without Fisher’s Popcorn. Munching on warm caramel corn while lounging on the beach is one of the most quintessential things you can do at the Eastern Shore. Of course you should always buy the largest tub of popcorn possible – more snacks for the drive home!


Fishers Popcorn

I’ve mentioned more than once that I have an affinity for fries. And a big bucket of fries while strolling along the boardwalk is my idea of perfection. When I’m in Bethany my go-to is DB’s Fries. The line for this shop is usually out the door, but it’s worth it for these skin on beauties. And as always, drizzle them with some malt vinegar for some added saltiness.


DB’s Fries

There is no shortage of places to grab some ice cream on any boardwalk – studies show that ice cream is the most effective in cooling you down on a warm day. (I have performed zero studies on this topic.) I tend to err towards the side of soft serve in a cone and whenever the opportunity presents itself, I’m enjoying a cone of Kohr Bros frozen custard. It’s so creamy and the chocolate + vanilla twist gets me every time. Especially when sprinkles are thrown into the mix.


Kohr Bros Frozen Custard

All of the places listed above are located on the boardwalk in Bethany Beach

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