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Food Truck: B’more Greek

I love a good gyro. Airy pita, creamy tzatziki, and tons of freshly sliced lamb. Recently, my coworker walked pretty far for lunch just to track down the B’more Greek food truck. She raved about her meal for days so I knew the next time it was in the area, I would be checking it out.


B’more Greek

The menu is pretty extensive – there’s a Greek Cheesesteak that I will be going back to try! But I decided to stick with the basics on this visit. I ordered the Original Sliced Gyro – this is sliced lamb over tomato, onion, and tzatziki in a pita wrap that’s been stuffed with fries. It was the perfect lunch, easy to eat on the go and packed with flavor. Also fries on a sandwich are always a hit in my book. However, the menu stated that there was a touch of hot sauce in this dish and I didn’t taste any heat. While I always love a dash of heat with any dish, it wasn’t something I craved here.


Original Sliced Gyro

I also ordered the Greek Fries because I have a serious flavor crush on the flavors of lemon and feta when they’re combined. The fries were crispy and the flavors were strong without being overpowering. Another win from B’more Greek in my book.


Greek Fries

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