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Hampden: Paulie Gee’s

Hersh’s in Federal Hill has long been my go to pizza spot. But it’s always good to know other spots in the city and after what felt like months (if not years) of renovations, Paulie Gee’s finally opened in Hampden in the summer of 2016.  I had visited shortly after they opened and had my mind blown by the stinger bell pizza. But I knew my friends would love this spot as much as I do so we made some plans to split a few pies.


Paulie Gee’s Image via Baltimore Pizza Club

Obviously, we started with the Stinger Bell: house smoked mozzarella, lemon slices, olive oil, basil, lemon bitters, and hot honey – this is the most refreshing pizza I’ve ever had. The hot honey is a balanced blend of sweet and spicy that it takes the pie to the next level. Fun fact, Paulie Gee’s uses Mikes Hot Hot Honey which I’ve always been a fan of.


Stinger Bell

One of my friends was in the mood for one of the basics and went with the Beatrix Kiddo – this is your traditional tomato sauce and mozzarella pie with some pepperoni. I normally don’t order pepperoni but the oven at Paulie Gee’s is so hot that the pepperoni curls up into roni cups which is basically pizza-crack. If you’re a pepperoni fan, don’t miss one of these pies – the crispy pepperoni is the ultimate game changer.


Beatrix Kiddo

The last pizza we tried was the Red, White, and Greenberg. This was also a super bright pizza. The slightly charred and chewy crust was topped with mozzarella, guanciale, pickled red onions, and baby arugula. We could not get enough of this pie. The onions added a nice bite and were plentiful, which I really appreciated.


Red, White, and Greenberg

Paulie Gee’s is located at 3535 Chestnut AveHampden

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Paulie Gee’s Pizza Party

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