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Mount Vernon: West Madison Craft Beer & Wine Bar

Mount Vernon is home to so many great bars – and West Madison Craft Beer & Wine Bar is no different. The space is a total neighborhood bar and I love it. The bartender knew the names of all of the patrons who came by while we visited. It was awesome and we felt like part of the club.


West Madison Craft Beer & Wine Bar

As this bar touts their impressive beer selection, of course my friend and I checked out their beer list and ordered a round. I had the  Oskar Blues Yella Pils and my friend went with the Monument City First Cup.


Beer Taps



Everything on the menu looked great so we turned to the bartender for suggestions when ordering. We started with the Fried Artichoke Hearts and I was a huge fan of these. They were lemony, juicy, and tender and the dipping sauce was fantastic. It was a chipotle aioli and added a nice heat to the dish. We could not get enough.

Fried Artichoke Hearts

Fried Artichoke Hearts


Fried Artichoke Hearts

Next up, we shared the Pesto Parmesan Flatbread; this made all of my cheesy dreams come true. The bread was nice and thin without being crispy and had a good amount of cheesy goodness – between the parmesan, mozzarella, gorgonzola, and pesto it was a great bite.


Pesto Parmesan Flatbread

West Madison is in Mount Vernon, so it would be a disservice to order anything other than the Mount Vernon Burger – and this was a great choice. The thick juicy patty was topped with the crispiest onion rings I’ve ever had and served with house sauce (parmesan aioli) which was so cheesy and creamy – it tasted like a better version of caesar dressing. We were in love.


Mount Vernon Burger


Mount Vernon Burger

For the last of our savory bites, we went with the Falafel Tacos. The tortilla was topped with more of the chipotle aioli, some slaw, and a nice sized piece of falafel. The falafel was then topped with more sauce and this was such a yummy bite. Falafel tacos are officially something I need more of in my life.


Falafel Tacos


Falafel Tacos

Of course we couldn’t leave without dessert and we heard the Beignets were Chef Oscar’s specialty. Fresh dough is dropped directly into the frier and then brought to the table while still warm (of course it’s been drizzled with honey and powdered sugar) and there’s a little dish of nutella for dipping. I have such a sweet tooth and this was by far the highlight of the meal, even though every bite was delicious.





Go to West Madison for the extensive beer and wine list, stay for the out of this world street food and beignets.

West Madison is located at 311 W Madison St, in Mount Vernon

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While this meal was paid for by Dine Downtown Baltimore, all views stated here are my own.


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