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Midtown, NYC: The Roosevelt Grill

I have always considered New York City to be one of the greatest cities in America – sorry Baltimore. So when The Roosevelt Hotel invited me to for a two night stay, I was more than thrilled. NYC is home to some of the most creative and inventive food on the East Coast. Plus the hotel is seriously stunning. My pictures don’t do the place justice. And fun fact, my Grandparents came here on their honeymoon at least 60 years ago!


The Roosevelt Hotel

The Roosevelt Hotel is located in Midtown just blocks from Grand Central Station and Times Square. So of course I made it a point to visit both during my trip. I also grabbed breakfast both days of my visit at The Roosevelt Grill inside of the hotel.




Brunch Spread

Their breakfast spread is seriously awesome. They have a breakfast buffet which I opted not to do in favor of the Roosevelt Favorites. The first day I started with The New Yorker. It was smoked salmon served with a toasted bagel and cream cheese and it really fueled me up for the day ahead. The salmon was so fresh and I was able to pile it as high as I liked onto my perfectly toasted bagel. And yes, this was the real deal New York Bagel – not a roll with a hole as I refer to most of what they’re serving in Baltimore. It was firm with a nice chew without being doughy. Really the best kind of bagel around.


The New Yorker


The New Yorker

My friend ordered the Roosevelt Eggs which I had a bite of (she also ordered them the second day for breakfast). They’re an order of eggs your way and she went with scrambled eggs and a side of bacon which is such a classic combination. The bacon was thick cut and crispy. It was beyond perfect. The eggs were also pillowy soft and scrambled to perfection. Breakfast is one of life’s simple pleasures and The Roosevelt Grill executed this dish perfectly.


Roosevelt Eggs

After trying the eggs the day prior, I knew I needed to eat them again and ordered an Omelet. The Roosevelt Grill has a few different options that you can add to the eggs, I went with cheddar cheese, asparagus, peppers, and mushrooms. I customized the omelet to my liking, so of course I liked it. Plus there was plenty of cheese oozing out, the ideal brunch. 



The Roosevelt Grille is located at 45 E 45th St, NYC

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While these meals were paid for by The Roosevelt Hotel, all views stated here are my own.



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