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Richmond, VA: Sen – Organic Small Plate

On cold days like we have been having recently, there are few things as comforting to me as a warm bowl of soup. I spent the day walking around Carytown in Richmond (there are so many cute stores to check out!) And obviously worked up an appetite. My mom and I walked past Sen – Organic Small Plate and the place just looked so inviting that we walked up to check out the menu. Once we saw big bowls of soup of course we decided to step inside and try them out.


Sen – Organic Small Plate

My mom opted to order the Organic Sen Bun Hue Soup Bowl. Oh my gosh this was packed with flavor. The broth had a subtle spice that built with each spoonful. Even better than delicious broth, was what was inside. There were huge pineapple chunks alongside rice noodles, onions, and tons of tofu. The restaurant has small plate in the name of it, but man was this a large bowl of soup and it totally hit the spot.


Organic Sen Bun Hue Soup Bowl


Organic Sen Bun Hue Soup Bowl

I went with White Chicken Meat Pho in Chicken Broth and it was another delicious bowl of soup. The broth was so savory and filled with so many noodles. I could not get enough. Because I love a little bit of heat with my food, I added the hoisin and hot chili sauces into the soup and it was such a large comforting dish. This also totally hit the spot.


White Chicken Meat Pho in Chicken Broth


White Chicken Meat Pho in Chicken Broth

I was thrilled that we stumbled into this adorable space. The bowls of soup were exactly what we needed to fuel up.

Sen – Organic Small Plate is located at 2901 W Cary St, Richmond

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