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Butchers Hill: 16 On The Park

When I was invited to check out Baltimore’s newest rooftop restaurant, 16 On The Park, I was more than a little excited. Baltimore has a serious rooftop hangout shortage. The space opened in October and provides some much needed dining diversity to the area. Most of the restaurants over by Hopkins skew fast casual and lunch-y.


16 on the Park

Charcuterie is one of my favs, so of course Kim (@nomtasticfoods) and I started with this. The picture really doesn’t do this impressive dish justice. Not only was it massive, but there were so many types of meats and cheeses. We were in heaven.



Next up was the Lobster Mac N Cheese. Not only were the noodles insanely creamy and cheesy – it had massive hunks of fresh lobster. Do yourself a favor and order this dish, it’s easily the best lobster mac I’ve ever had.


Lobster Mac N Cheese

I’ve mentioned my love of Brussels Sprouts before and the ones at 16 on the Park had a spicy soy glaze which had the perfect amount of heat. We inhaled these and I would definitely order them again next time.


Brussels Sprouts

Continuing on the lobster kick, we went with the Lobster Roll. There were huge, fresh, meaty chunks of lobster in a buttery toasted roll over a bed of fries. If this dish sounds like a dream, that’s because it was. I’m drooling just thinking about it.


Lobster Roll

The last savory dish we ordered was the Flat Iron Steak. Not only was this beautifully cooked and prepared, it was also unbelievably tender. This dish was another winner.


Flat Iron Steak

When we glanced at the dessert menu and spotted a Smith Island Cake of course we had to order it. It’s the official cake of Maryland and perfect for any chocolate lover in your life. Each layer of cake is super moist, and has plenty of delicious chocolate frosting.


Smith Island Cake

Because 16 on the Park had an extensive cocktail menu, we also tried a few drinks. We were very impressed with the cocktail menu and can’t wait to go back to work our way through the rest of the drinks.


Laid Back


Smoke on the Water

16 On The Park is located at 800 N Wolfe St, Upper Fells

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