Federal Hill: Order & Chaos Coffee

As a caffeine fiend, I do what I can to visit all of the spots in the city. And over the past year, Order & Chaos has been one of my favorites. Not only is the staff so friendly, but the coffee program is fantastic. I always leave caffeinated and happy.


Order & Chaos, image via Instagram

On my most recent trip, my girlfriend and I were grabbing a quick breakfast before heading to D.C. for a quick day trip. She started with a pour-over coffee and I had a latte. The beans of the moment were from Passenger Coffee in Lancaster, PA.



In addition to great coffee, their pastry case is stocked with goodies so we decided to share three of my favorites. First up was the Spinach and Cheese Pastry. The pastry dough was flaky and buttery and then filled with a cheesy spinach. This pastry is the best version of creamed spinach and I can’t get enough.


Spinach and Cheese Pastry

We also went with the Egg and Cheese Pastry. Similarly to the spinach and cheese pastry, this was flaky and buttery but filled with a fluffy egg. It’s a fantastic breakfast treat.


Egg and Cheese Pastry

The real highlight here is the Walking Waffle. The batter includes pearl sugar which caramelizes perfectly when it’s on the waffle iron. I really can’t say enough good things about this beyond, it’s the best waffle in Baltimore right now.


Walking Waffle

Order & Chaos is located at 1410 Key Hwy, Federal Hill

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