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Midtown, NYC: Vander Bar

During my most recent trip to NYC, I stayed in The Roosevelt Hotel and was completely blown away by the breakfast so of course I jumped when I had a chance to try one of the restaurants on their property, Vander Bar. Midtown has a large business population, so the bar sees some pretty heavy post work traffic and is closed on the weekends.


Vander Bar

Fortunately, the Manager was able to open up the bar for me to take a look around and try some things because I was in love with this space.


Vander Bar

We started with an order of the Calamari and it was fried to perfection. It stayed light and crispy which I absolutely love. And the sauce had a nice tang and some sweet heat to it. This totally was a winner.





We also had a chance to try the Sliders which I was completely blown away by.  The mini beef patties were so juicy and topped with caramelized onions which are seriously my fav. They came three to an order which would be so perfect at happy hour. We could not get enough of these.





The last item from the food menu that we tried was the Guacamole. The chips were crispy, and the guac had a nice citrus-y flavor. Also, it was so freaking creamy – we loved every bite.



Most importantly, we also had some cocktails. We split a Cosmopolitan and a Brazilian Margarita. Of the two, the margarita was my favorite. It was lime-y with a hint of sour mix. I was all about this flavor combo.




Brazilian Margarita

Vander Bar is located at 45 E 45th St, NYC

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While this meal was paid for by Vander Bar, all views stated here are my own.


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