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Remington: Be.bim

In my never-ending quest to try everything in Baltimore, I found myself at R. House for dinner and in the mood to visit a stall and hadn’t yet been to. Be.bim, the Korean stall, was one of the few I hadn’t tried yet. I love the food at Brown Rice in the Mount Vernon Marketplace, so I was excited to try their other space.



I was with a friend who is such a picky eater, but the build your own rice bowl is kind of perfect for her. She ordered the Hot Stone Bowl because the rice gets crispy when the dish is heated up. In addition to a protein, you can choose up to five toppings. My friend ordered chicken bbq with carrots, corn, and edamame. The toppings she chose were nothing super exciting (they have about 15 toppings to choose from), but the sauces really added a ton of flavor to the bowl. She added gochujang, bulgogi sauce, and sesame soy sauce. The great thing about this dish is that it can be completely customized to your liking.


Build Your Own Hot Stone Bowl

I decided to start with an order of the Mandu (Korean dumplings). They were pan fried and served over a kale salad. I opted for the two piece chicken mandu but they did have four options to choose from plus daily specials. The dumpling had a nice crispy exterior with a juicy flavorful filling. I definitely need to order these again.


Chicken Mandu

I also ordered the Korean Spicy Ramyun which was a big noodle bowl with broth and three toppings. I also added protein to this dish to make it more of a meal. The woman taking my order suggested the short rib and I’m so glad she did because it was delicious. My bowl was packed with an egg, pickled onions, cucumber kimchi, and mushrooms. The pickled onions and cucumber kimchi gave the dish a nice crunch while the mushrooms played nicely with the beef. I had the spicy broth which definitely had some heat, but it wasn’t unbearable. I really loved this dish and would 100% add it to my winter ramen rotation, however I wish there was a little more broth to make it more of a soup with noodles rather than noodles with soup.


Korean Spicy Ramyun


Korean Spicy Ramyun

Be.bim is located at 301 W 29th St, Remington.

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