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City Center, D.C.: Momofuku

David Chang has built a restaurant empire with the Momofuku restaurants and fortunately there’s one in D.C. that of course I’ve made it a point to visit. My girlfriend and I went over the summer, and when one of my friends got a glimpse of my instagram story, she demanded that I take her back for the noodle bowls (and of course the cereal milk ice cream). We picked an evening to head to D.C. for dinner had such an amazing meal.


Momofuku via Momofuku

We decided to share some stuff because the menu looked so delicious. The first thing we tried were the Biscuit Bites. They were savory, and flaky. Different than a traditional biscuit but I was into this.


Biscuit Bites

One of the things Momofuku is known for are the buns, so we ordered the Brisket and Shrimp Buns. Of the two, I preferred the brisket. It was tender and the bun was so light and fluffy. These are a must order.


Brisket Buns


Shrimp Buns

The Smashed Potatoes were a group favorite – these were crispy with a soft interior but the real hero here was the yuzu mayo. It was creamy and gave a slight tang that balanced some of the richness from the potatoes.


Smashed Potatoes

One of my favorite dishes from the evening was the Crispy Beef. The fish sauce added a nice tang and the fried rice gave the dish some additional crunch.


Crispy Beef

We really came to Momofuku for the noodles and on a cold night, the Beef Noodle Soup really hit the spot. The broth was rich with plenty of hunks of tender beef. It was seriously so comforting.


Beef Noodle Soup

The other noodle dish we ordered was the Mapo Hand Cut Noodles and we added a poached egg. First off, the egg was perfectly poached and the richness from the egg really added to this dish. It even tempered some of the heat coming from the Sichuan peppercorns. If you want a noodle dish but aren’t in the mood for soup, this should be what you order.


Mapo Hand Cut Noodles

Also part of the Momofuku empire is Milk Bar and they serve up their famed Cereal Milk Ice Cream. It actually tastes like the milk from Captain Crunch and it’s awesome! So of course we each ordered our own. The ice cream was more tart than regular ice cream and the captain crunch gave it a nice crunch. Even if you’re not a huge dessert person, you should totally order this because it’s unlike most other ice creams.


Cereal Milk Ice Cream

Momofuku is located at 1090 I St NW, CCDC

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