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Hampden: Foraged

In December, Foraged opened in Hampden and I’ve been seeing so many drool-worthy pictures that I’ve been dying to go. After a few failed attempts, I made a reservation and headed in with another blogger friend. Spoiler alert, we loved everything, Chef Amendola is doing a fantastic job in the kitchen. The menu changes fairly regularly, so I hope some of my favorites are available when you visit.



Everything on the menu looked seriously so delicious – so we took the shared plates approach and started with the Confit Garlic, Ricotta, and Grilled Baguette. It seriously tasted like garlic bread amped up to a million and was delicious. We scraped up every last drop of the garlicky cheese.


Confit Garlic, Ricotta, and Grilled Baguette

We also shared the Mushroom Stuffed Steamed Brioche Buns, topped with Whipped Goat Cheese. We were both a little unsure about brioche buns going into ordering them, but they were delicious. The buns essentially had a mushroom surprise in the center. The order came with three buns and it was seriously a great start to the meal. Yes, we did order two bread + cheese apps to start and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Mushroom Stuffed Steamed Brioche Buns

Beets are probably my favorite winter veg, so of course we ordered the Beets and Butter Head Lettuce over Herbed Goat Cheese. This was another winner, beets and goat cheese pair together beautifully and the banyuls vinaigrette gave the dish a slight tang to cut through the goat cheese. We basically licked the plate clean.


Beets and Butter Head Lettuce over Herbed Goat Cheese

The last vegetable forward plate we ordered was the Sunchokes. Like the two previous dishes, they were also over goat cheese with a lemony marinade. I definitely liked these more than my dining companion. The sunchokes have a hearty/meaty texture and I couldn’t get enough of the lemony flavor, it was almost buttery in texture.



For our last savory course, we went with the Confit Duck Leg which was cooked to perfection. It was so juicy on the inside with insanely crispy skin, we finished every last bite. The duck leg came with sweet potato gnocchi and apples. I loved the sweetness that the apples added to the dish but the gnocchi was a little bit more dense than I would have liked.


Confit Duck Leg

For dessert, we gave the Apple Cheesecake a try and unfortunately this was the only miss. It wasn’t bad, all the flavors were there – but it was essentially a no-bake cheesecake and it was a little bit thicker than we would have liked.


Apple Cheesecake

Foraged is located at 3520 Chestnut Ave, Hampden.

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