Anaheim, CA: Ink & Bean and Good Things

Update: Ink & Bean and Good Things are now closed.

While I was in California, I did need to get some work done and some quick research showed that Ink & Bean wasn’t too far from my hotel and the space looked awesome online. Fortunately, it did not disappoint. Every detail seemed meticulously thought out and I really appreciated that. There was a lovely outdoor space that looked so relaxing and inside there were books being used as lampshades. I was in love.


Ink & Bean

For the coffee, Ink + Bean brews coffee from a few different roasters and I opted to order the Sumptown Nitro Cold Brew. I’m a huge fan of this type of coffee as it is typically smoother and the caffeine is more concentrated. I’ve also experienced Sumptown coffee from visits to other coffee shops in Baltimore so this was a great refreshing cup of coffee.


Sumptown Nitro Cold Brew

I also ordered a Chocolate Croissant which was out of this world yummy. The pastry was so flaky and filled with a gooey chocolate ganache. If you’re ever craving carbs and chocolate, this is the pastry for you.


When I finished up working, I headed next door to Good Things which also owned by the team behind Ink & Bean. The space can best be described as a vintage store with a bar in the back.


Good Things

There were about eight different beers on tap. I opted to try the Cismontane California Lager; it’s brewed in Santa Ana which isn’t too far from where I was. The beer was light and smooth – perfect for a quick afternoon drink.


Cismontane California Lager


Good Things Decor

Ink & Bean is located at 155 W Center Street Promenade, Anaheim, CA

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