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Remington: Ground & Griddled

The stalls at R. House now offer brunch. Even though each of the stalls has their own brunch specials, my go-to is still Ground & Griddled, the original brunch stall. The menu is full of breakfast sandwiches which is totally one of my preferred brunch options. Also, the team behind Ground & Grilled used to own Cafe Cito which was one of my favorite spots.


Ground & Griddled

G&G brews Sumptown Coffee which makes for a killer latte. So of course I always order one when I stop in for breakfast.



I’ve also tried The Insane Jane which is fresh baked bread loaded with all my favorites: bacon, avocado, cheddar cheese, arugula, spicy cito sauce, cholula, and paprika fried egg. The bread really holds up to all of the toppings and the flavors play beautifully together. The creamy avocado balances some of the heat and it’s all around a great bite.


The Insane Jane

I’m also a huge fan of the Open-Faced Sandwich, it’s a slice of that delicious bread topped with smashed avocado, and a paprika fried egg. The dish has some chili flakes which are always my go-to on eggs and more of that baby arugula I love. Another winning brunch dish.


Smashed Avocado + A Paprika Fried Egg

Ground & Griddled is located at 301 W 29th St, Remington.

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