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Downtown: Ono Poke

Poke bowls are one of my favorite things to eat for lunch. They’re super light and refreshing and lead to a really satisfying healthy meal. Recently, I’ve been working from home more often and I’ve been using my lunch break to try new places for a quick bite. Ono Poke has totally been on my list and I finally had a chance to check it out.


Ono Poke

On my first visit, I went with the Smooth-N-Spicy, taking the advice from the woman behind the counter. Apparently it’s one of their best selling bowls and I can see why.  The huge fresh chunks of ahi tuna were drizzled with creamy, spicy, aioli and served alongside avocado, cucumber, jalapeno, scallions, masago, and sesame seeds over a bed of rice and kale. This bowl really packed some heat, and I was a huge fan of the delicious hunks of fish. There isn’t a lot of competition, but it is definitely the best poke bowl I’ve had in Baltimore.





I loved the poke so much, I visited again on my next work from home day. I decided to order the Ono Original. This was also really good. Again, there were huge, fresh chunks of tuna, but this was drizzled with garlic shoyu, sesame oil and topped with onion, scallions, sesame seeds, hijiki, edamame, and fried shallots over kale and rice. This was another delicious poke bowl and I can’t wait to eat my way through the rest of the menu.


Ono Original

Ono Poke is located at 413 W Baltimore St, Downtown Baltimore.

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