Category: Asian Food

Fairfax, VA: Jinya Ramen Bar

Give me a big bowl of noodles and I am happy. So when Jinya Ramen Bar invited me to visit their Fairfax location, I was ecstatic. The menu has over ten different varieties of ramen plus some small plates and snacks that sounded delicious.  The Fairfax location is […]


Fells Point: Kippo Ramen

Even though the bomb cyclone is hopefully behind us (and maybe no polar vortex’s this year). It’s still the middle of winter and cold outside. So, of course I’ve been spending tons of time with big bowls of soup. A bowl of ramen is one of my favorite ways to […]

Harbor East: Azumi

I have a new coworker and just like me, she loves good food. We have decided to start taking better lunch breaks on Fridays, a little less grab and go from Whole Foods, a little more sit down restaurants at places we haven’t been. For our first Friday […]