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Downtown: Supano’s Steakhouse

When you’re dining in the Inner Harbor, there aren’t too many great locally owned restaurants. That’s why I’m so glad I discovered Supano’s Steakhouse. They specialize in classic Italian dishes, as well as seafood and steak. And everything I had a chance to try was absolutely delicious.

It’s worth mentioning that the walls at Supano’s are adorned with Frank Sinatra memorabilia and his songs are played continuously at the restaurant. While I’m not a huge Sinatra fan – it’s a little before my time – it does give the space a really fun atmosphere.

Supano's Steakhouse

Supano’s Steakhouse

My meal started with one of the Supano’s specialities, Mozzarella Carrosso. These were two slices of Texas Toast smothered with mozzarella sauce in a sherry cream sauce. It tasted like the best version of a mozzarella stick. It was cheesy, had a little bit of a crunch. And I could not get enough.


Mozzarella Carrosso

When I’m at an Italian Restaurant, I love ordering Minestrone Soup. The tomatoey broth is filled with hearty vegetables and pasta. It’s warm, and comforting and a great way to start the meal.


Minestrone Soup

Because Supano’s is an Italian restaurant, it would be a crime to not order a traditional pasta dish. We opted to try the linguini with marinara sauce. The marinara sauce – or gravy as the owner called it – was fantastic. It had a nice tomato-y flavor and a little bit of a zing. It’s perfect over a bowl of pasta.


Linguini with Marinara Sauce


Linguini with Marinara Sauce

When it comes to Crab Cakes, I have one rule – lay off the filler! And the crab cake did not disappoint. It was huge hunks of fresh Maryland crab that would have made the most particular of Marylander’s proud.


Crab Cakes

You can’t visit a steakhouse without ordering the meat, so we tried the Filet Mignon and the New York Strip. Supano’s is a prime steakhouse – prime steak is more tender, juicier, and packed with flavor. Both pieces of meat were astounding but my favorite was definitely the New York Strip which is unsurprising because it is one of my favorite cuts of meat.


Filet Mignon


New York Strip


New York Strip

Of course, no meal is complete without dessert so we had to try the Cannoli. This was your standard cannoli, a crispy shell filled with a ricotta cheese filling. What’s not to love?



We also went for the Tiramisu. Usually I find the espresso soaked ladyfingers to be off-putting, but not here. The espresso flavor was subtle with tons of fluffy custard in every bite. This was for sure my favorite dessert of the evening.



Lastly, we sampled the Death By Chocolate Cake and the name ‘death by chocolate’ is no joke. This cake was so chocolaty in the best way. Between the moist cake and the rich icing, I had died and gone to heaven.


Death By Chocolate Cake

Supano’s is located at 110 Water StDowntown.

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While this meal was paid for by Dine Downtown Baltimore, all views stated here are my own.

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