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Capitol Hill, D.C.: EatBar

Barrack’s Row has so many great restaurants. And when I heard that EatBar was offering Red Apron Burgers, I knew I needed to check it out.

I stopped in for brunch after a recent Saturday morning visit to Eastern Market. If you haven’t been, Eastern Market is an awesome year-round flea market with plenty of awesome locally made goods and some fresh produce.



EatBar is only about three blocks away so it’s a great spot to grab a bite to eat after checking out all the awesome vendors.

If you’re a huge music fan, the wall is decorated with thousands of real cassette tapes which I could not stop looking at.


EatBar Cassette Tapes

We started by looking over the drink menu and they have a great beer list. It’s organized by style which I really appreciate. I ordered the Oxbow Grizacca and my friend ordered The Libertine Wild IPA. We both really loved our drinks.



To accompany our beers, of course we ordered something off of the delicious looking menu. Because we couldn’t decide what to order, we opted to share some things. The first of the two dishes was the Fried Chicken. While chicken and waffles is such a standard brunch dish, chicken and French toast is completely different and so wonderfully tasty. The chicken had a delicious crispy breading with a juicy interior over a thick slab of French toast. The dish was topped with a perfectly cooked fried egg and a maple hot sauce that basically had us licking our plates clean.


Fried Chicken

We also shared the Pancake Burger which was out of this world. The juicy burger was sandwiched between two wonderfully fluffy pancakes and topped with an egg, bacon, white American cheese, and maple butter. The real star of this dish was the fluffy pancakes. I don’t normally finish the bun on a burger because I want to save room to fill up on fries. That was not the case here. I ate the entire pancake bun and it was fantastic.


Pancake Burger

Speaking of fries, EatBar has Beef Fat Fries that we ordered ‘Nate Style’ which means they’re topped with garlic and rosemary. Yum! It is not hyperbole when I say these are the definition of perfect fries. They’re packed with flavor, not too salty, and they are so crispy while still being potatoe-y. If you love fries, these need to be on your list. They were served with a ranch aioli which was great for dipping. Needless to say, there wasn’t a single fry left.


Beef Fat Fries ‘Nate Style’

EatBar is located at 415 8th St SECapitol Hill

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While this meal was paid for by EatBar, all views stated here are my own.

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