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Harbor East: Azumi

I have a new coworker and just like me, she loves good food. We have decided to start taking better lunch breaks on Fridays, a little less grab and go from Whole Foods, a little more sit down restaurants at places we haven’t been. For our first Friday lunch, we decided to check out Azumi. It’s been on the top of both of our lists for a while and it’s such a quick walk from the office.



Obviously, we decided to share because everything on the menu looked wonderful! We started off with the Scottish Salmon Crudo which was such a light citrus forward dish. This is pretty much all I would want to eat on a warm summer day, it was fantastic. This was one of the dishes I had tried here before, it made my list for best plates of 2016.


Scottish Salmon Crudo

We also split an order of Shishito Peppers, as I’ve mentioned before they are so fun to eat with another person. A game of food, Russian Roulette, everyone is bound to have a good time.


Shishito Peppers

Also from the appetizer portion of the menu we tried the Yellowtail Jalapeno. The fish is so fresh here that we were blown away with every bite! The jalapeno doesn’t add too much spice to the dish and it’s balanced very nicely.


Yellowtail Jalapeno

We obviously couldn’t skip one of Chef Andy’s signature rolls, so we ordered the Jalapeno Hamachi. I think we wanted to lick our plates clean. Everything tasted so light and fresh, but the real standout was the jalapeno onion salsa. No shame, we made sure to eat every bit of that salsa, it was amazing.


Jalapeno Hamachi

Azumi is known for their fresh fish, so of course we went with some sashami to really taste it. Both the King Salmon and the Blue Fin Akami were like butter. I highly recommend getting at least one type of sashimi at Azumi to really taste the quality of the fish.



Our waitress did let us know that you can order standard sushi rolls, even though they’re not listed on the menu. So for our last dish we went with a Salmon Avocado Roll. It was one of the creamiest things I’ve ever eaten. We both agreed, this should be a must order at Azumi so you can see how the Chef handles even the most basic of sushi rolls, perfectly.


Salmon Avocado Roll

Azumi is located at 725 Aliceanna St, in Harbor East

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