Mount Vernon: The Bun Shop

I don’t find myself in Mount Vernon nearly as often as I’d like. There are so many cute coffee shops serving delicious food that I’m missing out on. On a recent Saturday, a friend and I explored Graffiti Alley in Station North and on the way back to my apartment we were both a little hungry. Because it was mid-afternoon, we were in the mood for something small to hold us over until dinner. I remembered hearing about The Bun Shop which specializes in sweet and savory pastries from all over the world as well as Vietnamese coffee. This sounded like the perfect spot for our midday snack and we headed over.

The Bun Shop

The Bun Shop

When we walked in, we were greeted with a pastry case that displayed the buns of the day. They all looked awesome. My friend opted for a savory bun and ordered the Chicken Pasty. This was a Brittish bun, served warm, filled with shredded chicken, potatoes, peas, and carrots in a celery cream sauce. I’ve never had a pasty before so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect but it was awesome. It was similar to a handheld chicken pot pie.

Chicken Pasty

Chicken Pasty

Inside Chicken Pasty

Inside Chicken Pasty

I was in the mood for something sweet so I ordered the Rotiboy, which was the only sweet pastry The Bun Shop was offering when we visited. The rotiboy was a Malaysian sweet & salty roll with an espresso vanilla shell. The only way I could describe this dish to my friend was that it tasted like a warm hug. It was incredibly comforting, the bun was soft and only slightly salty with plenty of vanilla flavor throughout. But the best part was the warm center which had a little bit of melted butter.



Everything was simply outstanding at The Bun Shop, I can’t wait to return and try some more of their buns from all over the world.

The Bun Shop is located at 239 W Read St, in Mount Vernon.

Know of any other coffee shops with great food in Mount Vernon that I need to try? Let me know in the comments below!

Some other coffee shops I love nearby are: Dooby’s, The Corner Pantry, and Milk & Honey.

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