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Downtown Baltimore: The Capital Grille

Last year I had the opportunity to dine at the Capital Grille and my meal was nothing short of spectacular. Premium cuts of beef, cooked to perfection accompanied by wonderful apps, sides, and cocktails. It’s the recipe for a perfect meal – and this recipe did not disappoint. The Capital Grille invited me back in this year to update my review and sample a few more things from their menu – spoiler alert, it was all still amazing.


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My friend and I started with a round of cocktails – on the left is the Stoli Doli – the signature martini at The Capital Grille. They infuse their vodka with pineapple which gave it a delicious, slightly sweet taste. We were fans! We also ordered the Grapefruit Buck – because I’m a fan of all things citrus-y. There was a lot of ginger in this drink which I really loved because it adds a nice spiciness and that played well with the grapefruit – this reminded me of a Moscow Mule.



Because the menu is so expansive at The Capital Grille, we opted to share a few different things between the two of us starting with the Lobster Mac and Cheese. This dish came with a healthy serving of cheesy noodles which held onto the cheese well and fresh lobster. There is no way to go wrong with a starter like this.


Lobster Mac n Cheese

We also started with the Steak Tartare which is served over a bed of chopped onions and capers. Usually, I avoid capers at all costs – but they paired lovely with the chopped onions that I didn’t find them to be offensive. This was also, unsurprisingly, a beautiful piece of meat. If I ever make a ‘best steak tartare’ list – this would be on it for sure.


Steak Tartare

For our entrée, we shared the Dry Aged 24oz Porterhouse. This is by far my favorite cut of beef. You get a nice piece of filet as well as strip steak – which is really all that I need in life. This steak – as per the chefs recommendation – was cooked to a perfect medium rare with a nice thick crust on the exterior. I will be dreaming about this steak until I make it back to The Capital Grille.


Dry Aged 24oz Porterhouse

We also opted for a side of Brussels Sprouts with a soy glaze and thick cut bacon. I can never turn down brussels sprouts. I found the sauce to be a little too sweet for my liking – but the bites that had bacon were perfect. The saltiness from the bacon tempered the sweetness of the sauce making it such an enjoyable bite.


Brussels Sprouts

I live by the motto that no meal is complete without dessert. So, we ordered the Cheesecake which is served brûlée style with fresh berries. A creamy cheesecake with a brûlée crust is by far my favorite type of cheesecake. The textures play so well together and I can’t imagine a better way to end your meal at The Capital Grille – unless you opt to share another steak and dub it ‘dessert steak’ and take the savory route.



The Capital Grille is located at 500 E Pratt Stdowntown Baltimore.

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While this meal was paid for by the Capital Grille, all views stated here are my own.

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