Fells Point: Nanami Cafe

Like Chiyo is my uptown sushi spot, Nanami Cafe is my downtown go-to. It’s located on the water in Fells Point and everything is so fresh. My girlfriend and I recently went for dinner and were just blown away with each bite.

Nanami Cafe – Image via

We started the meal with one of my favorites, the Sashimi Roll. It’s fresh salmon wrapped in cucumber with avocado and a creamy wasabi sauce on top. It has a slight bit of heat and the cucumber just makes this roll feel super light. I love it.


Sashimi Roll

We also ordered the Josh Roll – I don’t know who Josh is but I love him. The combination of yellowtail and cucumber topped with avocado and hot sauce gets me every time. I always order this roll.


Josh Roll

We also ordered the Lee Roll and the Mark Roll which were both tasty. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with any of the rolls here.


Lee Roll


Mark Roll

Because the fish is so fresh at Nanami, I can’t leave without an order of the Salmon Sashimi. It’s melt in your mouth good and always my favorite part of the meal.


Salmon Sashimi

Nanami Cafe is located at 907 S Ann St, Fells Point

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