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Smokey Edamame

Mount Vernon: City Cafe

When I found out that the executive chef from one of my favorite restaurants, Food Market, is also the executive chef for City Cafe in Mount Vernon, I knew I had to try it. My friend, Kori is also a Chad Gauss fan and was looking forward to dinner.

Cream Cruiser

Food Truck: Cream Cruiser

Riding around the streets of of Baltimore is a bicycle with a cooler attached to the back. Inside the cooler is handmade ice cream sandwiches. I’ve been following Cream Cruiser on Instagram for quite some time now and I’ve been waiting to try their ice cream sandwiches. I […]

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

Food Truck: Taharka Bros.

When you think of an ice cream truck, you picture the ice cream man driving down your street as you run outside to chase him for a choco taco or another one of your favorites. And when you think of a food truck, you’re usually getting a meal. However […]