Westminster, CA: The Loop Churros

I follow a few different California bloggers over on Instagram and they’re always sharing some amazing pictures of churros from The Loop. Knowing my hotel was only about a fifteen minute drive from the instagrammable hot spot, I new I needed to check it out.


The Loop Churros

I wasn’t really in an ice cream mood when I visited which was a little bit of a bummer because the chilled churros all looked so tasty. Instead, my friend and I went with the Lil Loop Sampler which was a great way to try a few different bites. The six churros were chocolate crunch, cookies + cream, matcha crunch, speculoop, sprinkle berry, and original with cinnamon sugar.


Lil Loop Sampler


Lil Loop Sampler


Lil Loop Sampler

We loved all of them. They were given to us piping hot and coated with some of the best toppings. My favorite was the Sprinkle Berry which had strawberry glaze and sprinkles.


Sprinkle Berry

My friend couldn’t get enough of the Matcha Crunch which is unsurprising because she loves all things matcha.


Matcha Crunch

To wash down these delicious treats, we each ordered one of their drinks. My friend ordered Beyonce’s Lemonade. It was so sweet but still super delicious. Watermelon lemonade might just be my new favorite type of lemonade. It was so good.


Beyonce’s Lemonade

I ordered the Mermaid Lemonade which was blue raspberry lemonade with sparkle butterfly pea tea. Aside from this being one of the prettiest things I’ve ever drank it was also so sweet and tasty. I could not get enough.


Mermaid Lemonade



The Loop Churros is located at 9729 Bolsa Ave, Westminster, CA

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