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Springfield, PA: Jim’s Steaks

One of Philly’s iconic cheesesteak places, Jim’s Steaks, has a restaurant just a few minutes away from my girlfriends parent’s house. Of course on a recent trip to visit them we made a point to get some of these. Seriously, is it even a trip to Philly without getting a cheesesteak?


Jim’s Steaks

All of the Cheesesteaks at Jim’s are build-your-own. I ordered steak with wiz topped with peppers and grilled onions. This was a damn good cheesesteak. Each bite had perfectly cooked steak plus plenty of cheese wiz. What’s not to love with this bite.



My girlfriend prefers her Cheesteak with just onions and wiz. Again, it was another awesome bite.



We also split an order of Cheese Fries. They were thin and crispy – how I like them, and topped with plenty of cheesy goodness.


Cheese Fries

Jim’s Steaks is located at 469 Baltimore Pike, Philadelphia

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Cheesesteak and Fries


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