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Long Beach Island, NJ: Skipper Dipper

The ultimate beach snack in my opinion is a cold ice cream cone. There’s nothing more refreshing than a scoop of chocolate on a cone (or vanilla, hey now – I don’t judge!) Whenever I’m in a new area, I always scope out the best place to eat – and that’s everything from snacks to a full blown meal. On a recent beach weekend in Long Beach Island, I knew an ice cream craving would hit me at least once and I needed to know where to satisfy my cravings. After some research I learned that Skipper Dipper was the place to go and it was less than five minutes from where we were staying – awesome!


Skipper Dipper

What really caught my eye when we visited were the cones – they had cookie cones and pretzel cones in addition to regular waffle cones. I thought this through for a minute, and I knew the chocolate cookie cone was going to pair perfectly with a cookies and cream ice cream so that’s what I ordered. The cone was made out of the same type of cookie that was in the cookies and cream – it was a great combo!


Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

My friend opted to go for the pretzel cone with her ice cream and paired the cone with a scoop of cookie dough. The salt from her cone really gave her ice cream that sweet and salty combo that we’re both always craving. It was perfect for satisfying our beach ice cream cravings.


Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Skipper Dipper is located at 9305 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach Island

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