West Village, NYC: Don Angie

Dinner with my family in NYC is always such a treat. My brother picks an amazing spot and the four of us share some delicious dishes. Most recently, we ate at Don Angie in the West Village and it was another fantastic meal.


Don Angie

The space is super sleek, with a bit of a 60’s diner feel, but not at all in a cheesy way. There’s mood lighting, gold accents, and plenty of mirrors. I could hang out here all day.


Don Angie

The menu is definitely on the smaller side, so we ended up ordering just about every dish that didn’t have pork in it – both of my parents don’t eat pork. First up was the Chrysanthemum Salad – under the huge pile of cheese was lettuce in a beautiful garlic sesame dressing. Easily one of the best salads I’ve ever had.


Chrysanthemum Salad

We also shared the Stuffed Garlic Flatbread. My family almost inhaled this before I even finished putting my camera away. The crust was super thin and packed with garlicky cheese. This is a must order.


Stuffed Garlic Flatbread

The Pink Snapper Crudo was another winner at the table. The flavors were so light and delicate. The green strawberries were something I’ve never really had before, but I loved the bit of tartness they brought to this dish.


Pink Snapper Crudo

While all of the pastas sounded just downright delicious, we went with the Stracchino Gnocchi and the Buffalo Milk Caramelle. They were both amazing but my favorite was the gnocchi, it may have been my favorite dish of the evening. It was pillowy and the poppy seed pesto was unlike anything I’ve ever had before.


Buffalo Milk Caramelle


Stracchino Gnocchi

The last savory dish we ordered was the Veal ‘da Pepi’. The veal was pounded thin and lightly fried. It was another delicious dish and I would definitely order it again.


Veal ‘da Pepi’

One of the most creative dishes we ordered was the dessert, the Fior di Latte Mochi. The sweet and salty vanilla bean ice cream was paired with olive oil – something I never considered putting on my ice cream but should totally become a more common topping. It was fantastic.


Fior di Latte Mochi

Don Angie is located at 103 Greenwich Ave, NYC

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