Food Truck: Taharka Bros.

When you think of an ice cream truck, you picture the ice cream man driving down your street as you run outside to chase him for a choco taco or another one of your favorites. And when you think of a food truck, you’re usually getting a meal. However the Taharka Bros. have put together a food truck which serves delicious sweet treats all over Baltimore.

Taharka Bros. Ice Cream Truck

Taharka Bros. Ice Cream Truck

My friend and I were at one of the many food truck festivals in Baltimore and spotted the Taharka Bros. ice cream truck. She’s a lover of all things sweet and we decided to wait in line for a nice treat. When we looked over the flavors, the Cookies and Cream really stood out to my friend. She loved it and said there were plenty of cookie crumbles evenly spread out in the ice cream.

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

When I was looking over the ice cream flavors for the day, the Salty Cappuccino stood out to me. Salted caramel is one of the more common ice cream flavors (I enjoyed it at Atwater’s) but Salted Cappuccino is an interesting twist to it. This ended up being awesome. The coffee flavor wasn’t too strong and the saltiness perfectly balanced out the sweetness in the ice cream.

Salted Cappuccino Ice Cream

Salty Cappuccino Ice Cream

A downside to this delicious ice cream is that it is very pricy. Each cup or cone is $5 and there is only one size. Price aside, you’re given a heaping cup of delicious ice cream that is good to the last lick.

To find where Taharka Bros. will be today, follow them on Twitter. Additionally, the ice cream is sold at various restaurants in the city (Abbey Burger, By Degrees, Golden West Cafe, and more).

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